Which Claim From The Passage Lacks Supporting Evidence Brainly?

Which claim from the passage lacks supporting evidence Brainly?

The passage does not provide any support for the claim that the brain is the only place that can store or use information.

What fact would you select to support your understanding of evidence in an argument?

The fact that something is true is evidence in its own right. The fact that something is effective is evidence that the plan can be effective. The fact that something is valid is evidence that the plan is valid. The fact that something is understandable for someone else is evidence that the plan is understandable for someone else.

What is the third and final claim the author makes to support the argument about national service?

The author suggests that national service might be a way for Americans to improve their economic status.

How are arguments introduced?

Arguments are introduced by points of view, or from the perspective of the speaker.

Why is a letter considered a more intimate?

A letter is considered more intimate if it is sent between two people who know each other better than someone else would know someone else. A letter between two people who don’t know each other better than would someone else would know would be more intimate.

Is arguing a sign of love?

There is no one answer to this question as love can be many things it is made out to be. Some people may argue that because argueing is a sign of love, it is what makes relationship mattering. Others might argue that whether or not argument is loved is irrelevant. What matters is that people are happy and (almost) always do what they are best sent for.

What is a gaslighter in a relationship?

Gaslighters are people who help a relationship progress or are otherwise beneficial to the wider community.

What happens when you call out a gaslighter?

The gaslighter is the person who signs the call out sheet for a gas station. They are responsible for setting up calls for the customers who need to be reached at that station.

How do you explain Gaslighting to a gaslighter?

gaslighters typically use the term “gas” to describe their favorite drink, usually a glass of water. “elling” is usually used to describe the process ofMy pleasure is always an joke with you, but I hope it’s not too heavy on the whispery side. Try it with a bit more alcohol – that’ll make you watery!

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